About LeeAnn Shattuck

LeeAnn Shattuck is an automotive expert, speaker, writer, radio & television host, and race car driver. LeeAnn also owns a unique car buying service that helps women (and smart men) save a ton of time, money and headaches throughout the entire car selection and buying process.
LeeAnn is passionate about educating people about cars and about empowering them to make informed decisions when purchasing, selling and servicing automobiles.
Known around the world as “The Car Chick,” LeeAnn has been featured on many national radio and television programs. She was the co-host of the internationally syndicated radio show, “America’s Garage,” and stared in the Speed Channel’s reality show, “R U Faster Than a Redneck,” with comedian Jon Reep, NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace, and Dukes of Hazard star John Schneider. LeeAnn currently hosts “The Straight Shift” podcast and the internet shows, “Shut Up & Drive” and “Rust Rescue.”
LeeAnn is also a self-professed car nut and a champion race car driver. She has loved cars her whole life and began learning high performance driving at the age of 8. LeeAnn currently drives for a woman-owned race team in 24 hour endurance road races.  On the street, she zips around in her 2004 Mini Cooper S named “Maggie.”
LeeAnn can be reached through her website, https://thecarchick.com/

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