Buy an Audi at Costco?!? Yup! Costco Autos Has the Luxury Car You Want, With a Little Extra

Audi Q3

A Girls Guide To Cars | Buy An Audi At Costco?!? Yup! Costco Autos Has The Luxury Car You Want, With A Little Extra - The Audi Q3 With The Pennybacker Bridge

Audi employee pricing through September is just another reason we love Costco. 

We think of Costco as the place to buy pallets of rice or cases of paper towels. But of course, you can also buy premium goods like Dyson vacuums, Cartier watches or Apple products. 

That’s because Costco’s mission is to arrange the best deals for its members on everything they want and need. And of course, a car fits that demand. As a member you can use the Costco Auto Program to buy or lease a car, practically any car, at a membership price. 

But then, every couple of months, Costco Autos puts an extra special deal on the menu for its members. For July through September, it’s (almost) all things Audi, the first time that Costco has offered specials on one of our favorite luxury brands. 

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Costco AutosEmployee Pricing on Most 2020 Audi Models 

The special is offered via Costco Autos. Here’s how it works: 

Visit the Costco Auto Program website and click “special offers.” You’ll be taken to the Audi incentives page where you can shop among the luxury brand’s sedans, sports cars and SUVs, even the all-electric e-Tron SUV. What you won’t see are the A3, Q5, RS and R8 models, which are excluded from the promotion. There you’ll see sample pricing; the exact price of the model you choose depends on the options you choose on your new car (from what we saw it looks to be about 10% below MSRP, which is lower than dealer invoice).

Once you choose the model you want, you’ll receive a code that, presented at an Audi dealer, will secure the model you want at the Costco price. 

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Buy An Audi At Costco?!? Yup! Costco Autos Has The Luxury Car You Want, With A Little Extra - Audi S4 In Front

Costco-Authorized Dealers Can Enhance This Deal

While any Audi dealer can offer this particular deal – and this is unique; typically only Costco-authorized dealers can offer the pre-negotiated Costco price –  the Costco-authorized dealers have been trained in the “Costco way” to deliver the customer service you expect at Costco. They can also offer discounts on parts, service, warranties and other items. Either way, going through the Costco site buyers will qualify for the $500 or $750 Costco gift card (the amount of the gift card depends on the model purchased or leased).  

Is Costco a Good Deal?

It can be a very good deal. Especially if you like someone else to do the negotiating for you. But really, the value of any deal is up to you. You can see the discount on each model that is offered and if you think you can get a better deal, do it! But keep in mind that the Costco Autos deal is accompanied by a Costco gift card, and also, will save you the time, sweat and perhaps frustration of negotiating a deal yourself.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Buy An Audi At Costco?!? Yup! Costco Autos Has The Luxury Car You Want, With A Little Extra - The Digital E Choices Of Driver Information Screens Is The

Audi’s digital cockpit allows owners to customize their driver information screens. ? Scotty Reiss

What Is Included? 

The car and the gift card, and that’s it. Financing can be done through the dealership or you can bring your own. You can bring your own insurance or purchase insurance through Costco. Costco-authorized dealers may also offer you a few additional items at a discount such as an extended warranty or discounts on parts and service; however they are not allowed to “upsell” you on things you don’t want or need for your new car (so, no pressure to buy VIN etching). 

And, the dealer can take your trade in. However, be sure to know the value of your trade-in and if you don’t like the price the dealer offers you, you are not obligated to trade your car in. You can sell it privately, sell it to another dealer or even sell it to CarMax. It’s your call. 

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What do Costco Buyers Have to Say About the Experience?

It varies. Some feel they can get a better deal on their own. Others love the price and the premium experience. Yet others felt there were a lot of details to follow (you’re buying a car, so, yes) and there are others who despite working with the Costco authorized dealer, didn’t have a great experience. You can read many varying opinions from people who used Costco Auto Program in this story.

But if you opt for the Costco Autos deal you’ll be able to fill the trunk of your new Audi with lots of premium deals on everything from paper towels to Cartier watches to Apple products with that shiny new gift card. And then drive home in a shiny new Audi.

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