As Temps Plummet and the Snowflakes Fall, These Jackets Do It All

Girl Looks On At Autumn Scenery

We love jacket season!

It’s a vicious circle. It starts with fall, then winter, then spring which just teases warm weather without actually delivering it. We just can’t wait for summer, despite frizzy hair and sunburn, and next thing we know we are begging for cooler weather: beloved pumpkin spice lattes and stylish jackets that we simply live in. Lastly, pumpkin spice gives way to gingerbread and peppermint, and more jackets.

Of course, the cold weather seasons are flush with great looks: Sweaters, scarves, flannels, and leggings are always on tap for cooler weather.

But all that fashion leaves you with so many questions!

Can I drive in it? Does it keep me warm and dry? Is it stain resistant? Is it transitional, from picking up dog poop to picking up the check at a nice restaurant? Well, we’ve done the research for you. These are some of our top picks that will have you stylin and profilin all winter (and fall and spring) long.

Black And White Columbia Jacket

Comfy, cozy, and perfect for Fall. Photo: Columbia

The Columbia Women’s West Bend jacket screams fall

This cute little number is the perfect jacket to throw on when you wanna still cruise around town with your windows down, taking in all that fresh, cool air.

According to the reviews, the best thing about this jacket is…wait for it… REALLY.BIG.POCKETS.  If you are anything like me, give me a good pocket or give me death.  So go ahead, stuff them with your keys, phone, wallet, whatever you are thinking about taking with you on that road trip or into the grocery store.

And, you won’t feel suffocated while driving, the reviews list this as “very warm but very light.” Seems like a win-win to me. If black and white isn’t your style (hello checkered flags), it is available in 5 other colors.

Find the Columbia Women’s West Bend Jacket at Amazon.

Yellow Leather Jacket

You just can not go wrong with a yellow leather jacket. Photo: Amazon

Hello, Moto: Bellivara Women’s Faux Leather Short motorcycle jacket

The FIRST thing I thought of when I saw this jacket was Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.  Which, in case you wondered, was my 90’s self’s fashion icon. They say all good (and bad) fashion comes back around, and it leads me to this.

Clearly, I’m not alone. The moto jacket is the jacket of the season, in all sorts of fabrics, from leather to denim, vegan leather and more. I’ve even seen it in tailored wool. But none as chic and stunning as this.

If you aren’t into the yellow, Amazon offers this in about 12 more colors  and they all go for less than $50.00. This moto jacket allows you to be stylish and warm, while making it really easy to drive in. Its short so it won’t get caught in your seatbelt, making driving in it a breeze.

Magenta Columbia Jacket

Bomber Jackets. They’re what’s in. Photo: Columbia

Women’s Sweet View Insulated bomber

This adorable little number is small but packs a warm punch.  The cuffed waist and sleeves keep it put while you drive while also being light and comfortable, allowing for maximum movement. The slim style of this jacket allows our seatbelts to still do their job, unlike this coat’s poofy counterparts.

It comes with an adjustable hood, because if you are anything like me, I never have an umbrella when I need one. It comes in 5 colors so you can find one that matches your personality.

According to the reviews, it’s light and cozy which means you can wear it while driving and not get sweaty. There is nothing worse than having to take your jacket off after a long drive only to feel your back covered in sweat. Yuck.

A car coat is an essential, upscale option

Car coats have evolved over the years, going from a longer coat from back in the early motoring years to the shorter, mid-thigh lengths we see today. They are a tailored, though not formal, option that provide great coverage going from fall into winter. I especially like this coat for folks who don’t have heated seats. Plus, the longer length means it won’t creep up above your waist after you sit down. The coat shown below has large pockets, and comes in a several different colors, including a camel color. It’s just timeless. The Plush Button coat costs between $43 and $48.

Amazon'S Plush Button Coat Keeps You Warm And Comfortable During A Drive.

Amazon’s Plush Button Coat keeps you warm and comfortable during a drive. Photo:

But what if I want to get down?

If a traditional coat seems a bit too fancy for you, you can opt for a lightweight down version. This might be the coat that wins me over for all time. It’s long, and its lightweight down so it’s warm but not outrageously poofy. Also, it’s packable for when you arrive at your warmer destination and don’t need to wear it any more. It comes in a bunch of colors and is so affordable, starting at $43.31, you could get one for you and one for your passenger. Or let’s be honest, get two for yourself.

Lightweight Down Is Versatile And Comfortable, And Popular, Too! Photo By

Lightweight down is versatile and comfortable, and popular, too! Photo:

Whatever your style and tastes are, the coats and jackets listed above will fit the bill for your time behind the wheel in our favorite cool and cold weather seasons!

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