Apple CarPlay Announced for 2016 Chevrolets

Chevy Carplay
The CarPlay screen in the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban--it looks just like my phone screen!

General Motors commits to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in 14 Chevy models. Will MyLink fade away?

Vehicle infotainment systems have become ever more sophisticated, but even when they are intuitive and work seamlessly, they still require updates and a learning curve for drivers.

But since almost every driver of a new car has a smartphone in her pocketbook, General Motors is going the smart route, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration in 14 Chevy vehicles for 2016 – the most of any car manufacturer.

The question is why

Chevrolet Mylink

Going old school with Chevy MyLink

Well, like an Apple computer, you just plug and play (and the system works just as well for Android phones – plug in your phone, and your phone’s brain takes over the infotainment.

This means your maps, iTunes and Siri on an iPhone and no need to pay your car dealer to update the navigation system when new maps are released – as your phone updates, the car’s brain reboots.

If you are renting a car on vacation, borrowing your neighbor’s car or buying a new car, you don’t have to spend any time learning the new system.

Who does connected cars best?

And leaving the connected car portion to the tech geniuses means General Motors can concentrate on building more efficient, safer cars – in other words, focusing on what car manufacturers do best.

Apple Carplay

The next wave: Apple CarPlay goes mobile, with Hyundai’s BlueLink. Credit: Judy Antell for AGirlsGuidetoCars

GM CEO Mary Barra announced the company’s commitment to Apple Play and Android Auto at the Code Conference in California on Wednesday.

She did not say what this means for Chevy’s MyLink technology, but it is doubtful that GM would continue to support a third system – and one that they alone use.

Hyundai also recently upped its Apple Play game, with an app for the Apple Watch that can find and start or your car – and schedule when you recharge your plug-in hybrid.

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