8 Family Christmas Activities You Can Do from Your Car

Family Christmas Activities
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My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family.

Are your kids home from school and already bored? Are your creative juices running low?  We will get a little creative for you. Hey, I’m used to that. Getting creative is my specialty!

When I really started thinking about it, I realized that while a list of Christmas activities that can be done from your car will be shorter than your standard Christmas bucket list, it will be just as fun!

In fact, some of these ideas really took me back to my childhood. And, frankly, I think we all can use a healthy dose of nostalgia right now!

I truly believe that some good old-fashioned family Christmas fun will do so much for our moods this holiday season! So, without further adieu, let’s talk about family Christmas activities you can do from your car this year

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Look at Your Neighbors’ Christmas Lights

Plenty of folks really go out of their way to turn their homes into a festive wonderland. Why make the trek to look at lights somewhere else when you can do it right in your own neighborhood? Pack up some special treats like a thermos of hot cocoa and some candy canes and check out the neighborhood lights. Don’t forget the Christmas music!

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Family Christmas Activities

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Drop Off Letters to Santa

Some towns have specific places to mail your letters to Santa. Other towns just utilize the post office. Why not make an adventure of it, then come home to enjoy fresh milk and cookies?

Ice Cream!

Throw on your Christmas pajamas and go get ice cream as a family. I always loved going to our favorite local ice cream shop while wearing my jammies when I was little! If yours doesn’t have a drive thru, you or your partner can go inside, grab your order and bring it to your family in the car.

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Family Christmas Activities

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Drop Off Handmade Cards to Family

Have the kids make handmade Christmas cards and personally drop them off to your family. You could even have them sing Christmas carols from the car when you get to their houses! It’s a great way to see family without putting anyone in danger.

Make Donations

Christmas can be a tough time for families that don’t have much, but this year is going to be especially hard. Drop off some non-perishable goods at the food bank, coats to the Salvation Army, or gifts to those in need. Many of them have drive-thru drop off stations and it’s a great way to talk about giving back with your little ones!

Leave Some Festive Surprises

Pick a few people and leave some festive surprises on their door! Little presents, gift cards, and treats are always a great idea to spread the holiday cheer.

Family Christmas Activities

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt

How challenging you want to make this scavenger hunt is up to you, but you can take the kids around town on a Christmas adventure and surprise them with a little treat when you get home.

Holiday Drive-In Movie

Go to a holiday drive-in movie. If your town doesn’t have a drive-in theater, make your own with a projector and your garage door, if it’s white, or you can use a sheet! If it’s a little too cold out for that, you can project onto a wall in your home and make a nest for you and the kiddos.

What did I tell you? When it comes to Christmas fun, I would never steer you wrong. If you want to avoid the crowds this holiday season these family Christmas activities you can do from your car will give you plenty of good cheer!

Family Christmas Activities

Photo: Arun Kuchibhotla from Unsplash