Which Car Would You Choose? Which Do You Want to See Reviewed?

A Girls Guide To Cars | Which Car Would You Choose? Which Do You Want To See Reviewed? - Slsamg 3 Copy

If you could take a car, any car, for a spin, which one would you choose?

And if you had 75 or so lined up to choose from, how would you choose?

That was my dilemma recently when I went to an International Motor Press Association event. And it was a hard choice. Now, I have to admit, when I think of which car to drive, the decision isn’t all about me; I think about who else will be in the car, how easy it will be to get my stuff in and out, sync my phone, appease my passengers with media choices, and the utility of the navigation system. I also may consider how flattering a particular car is to me; you want to look good getting to Costco, you know.

Pretty much the last thing I think about is torque and horsepower (not that those things don’t matter). So I thought that the IMPA event might not offer a lot of cars that would be interesting (since the IMPA is a male-heavy organization). Luckily, that wasn’t the case: from dreamy sports cars to great new technology to cars perfect for an entourage, here are the highlights.

Now, which of these cars—and which cars not represented here—would you like to see reviewed?
Built for fun:

370ZNissan 370Z convertible: I hopped into the drivers seat and right back to college summer vacations; this is a car that makes you feel as beautiful as it is. MSRP about $36,000



Miata 2

Mazda MX 5 Miata: Cute as a button convertible that is all fun with no room for passengers. No back seat. Which means you get to pick your passenger, and potential passengers will be on extra good behavior to be able to ride with you. And wow is it fun to drive. MSRP about $28,000.  

Rav 4 1
Toyota Rav 4: Fun meets practicality. This small SUV is great for around town or off road, and, it has room for passengers. MSRP around $30,000. 

Nissan JukeNissan Juke Nismo: Sporty, fun and roomy, Nissan has re-thought car design and come up with the Juke, which is unique, fun and functional, inside and out. The Nismo edition is a blast to drive, and has room for a crew. MRP about $23,000. 

Mini Cooper Mini Paceman John Cooper Works Edition

: Mini has stolen our heats, but this Mini is designed to pump your adrenaline; agile and fun to drive, nothing about the Paceman is typical or boring, from its instruments centered on the dash to smart use of every single spot inside the car to the comfy bucket seats in the back. MSRP about $33,000. 

Super smart

Bmw HybridBMW 3-Series Active Hybrid: BMW won my heart with this one; it has all the power and feel of a BMW, paired with an intelligent hybrid system that works to save fuel. Estimated MPG is 25/34, but this car is so much fun to drive, getting that might be a challenge. MSRP starts at about $50,000.


Fiat 500EFiat 500e

: If you don’t fall in love with the look of this sweet electric beauty, you’ll love its silent drive and the iPad app that lets you start it remotely, turn on the AC, see its battery charge level and check out all its systems. Plus, you’ll look impossibly chic in this car and it’ll go with your Hermes beach towel when you hit the beach in San Tropez (plus, it’ll be so easy to park!). MSRP about $32,000. 

ImpalaChevrolet Impala 2LZ

: If you get one of these at the car rental counter, grab the keys and thank your lucky stars. You’re in for a fun time. Chevrolet has rethought this classic icon from the wheels up, resulting in a euro-style body, luxury comforts and cutting edge technology; it’ll make everyone in the car happy. MSRP about $39,000. 

Entourage worthy

Caddy WagonCadillac CTS-V Wagon: It’s a match made in man heaven: A supercharged V-8 station wagon. Yep: Supercharged. Wagon. If you family car debate centers around performance versus utility, this one gives you the best of both, plus tons of luxuries.   Strap the kids in and enjoy the ride, because this is a fun one. MSRP about $64,000


Sante Fe InteriorHyundai Santa Fe

: Hyundai has a knack for becoming better looking with each model year; the Santa Fe follows that trend with a sleeker more aerodynamic body and though it looks mid-sized, it has a third row and seating for up to seven. Then, there are the luxuries–pretty much any and all you can imagine. MSRP about $38,000. 

Land RoverRange Rover Supercharged

: My, how far this car has come from its days of game hunting expeditions in Africa, conjuring up images of knobby tires traversing muddy gullies and dusty savannas, exotic game strapped to the roof. Now, exotica is left to the SUV’s interior, outfitted in such exquisite leather upholstery that just sitting in it makes you feel a bit more refined. And ready for the butler to serve tea. MSRP about $111,000. 

Built for speed
Sls AmgSLS AMG GT Roadster: When you’ve done something very, very good, reward yourself with this car. Then, reward someone you love by allowing them to ride along with you. From its exquisite interior to the jet engines that swoop you away when you hit the gas, the SLS AMG takes you away to another world. And you’ll never want to return. MSRP about $232,000.


Jaguar Xf Jaguar XF Supercharged
: Like the Range Rover, this isn’t the Jaguar of yesteryear, a sweet touring sedan that worried its owners that it might fall apart at the next pothole. LandRover and Jaguar’s new owner, Tata Motors, has continued (perhaps upgraded?) the brand’s integrity, and driving the XF was the greatest surprise of the day: Not only was the interior filled with some very smart technology, but the 470 horsepower engine made the car practically take flight. MSRP around $68,000.  
CamaroCamaro Hot Wheels Edition: When Hot Wheels came out with the Camaro, kids all over the country began to dream about their first car as they zoomed it across linoleum floors, across sofa backs and up and down table legs. Now, the real deal can zoom its way into your garage (if not your heart).  MRSP around $37,000


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