Surprising Chevy Spark

A Girls Guide To Cars | Surprising Chevy Spark - Chevy Spark Golf Cart

The 2013 Chevy Spark surprised me. Maybe it’s my Kentucky-bred, large-vehicle-loving upbringing, but I always thought subcompact car = cramped car.

Enter the 2013 Chevy Spark.

The Chevy PR team provided me with a Spark to drive in Florida. I was there without my family, but I did pick up TravelingMom Editor Cindy Richards to join me for part of the trip. That meant we would carrying two adult passengers PLUS luggage, all of which had to fit inside the tiny Spark.

I warned her to pack light just in case. She didn’t. OK, I didn’t.

I made two highway trips and a couple of short trips around Orlando in the Spark. The big surprise was that we had plenty of room. Not only that, I had a very comfortable roomy driver’s seat. You could take that comfy, roomy seat out of that car, and no one would know it belonged in a compact.

Small but Roomy Chevy Spark

The Chevy Spark is about the size of a golf cart as you will see in the video – but the design allows for space in the driver’s seat and enough room for two large-ish suitcases, two backpacks and two adults. The interior design of the one I drove was sporty, accented with vibrant red trim, loads of electronic capability and, of course, killer gas mileage.

I would not want to do a 12-hour trip in the Spark, but I could do six to eight hours. After the first couple of warm up miles, it quieted down for a smooth ride that lasted the entire trip. What the Spark lacked in presence on the highway, it made up for in comfort and ease. It’s easy to drive and of course, easy to park.

To me, it has the same appeal a Fiat does though the design is not quite as, well, Italian. Think of Starbucks espresso versus Illy. Gets the job done.