Chevy Spark: Roomy Enough

Chevy Spark

Those Chevy design engineers must be a crafty bunch. They figured out how to design the tiny, fuel-efficient Chevy Spark in a way that makes the interior feel roomier than my mongo-big Dodge Durango SUV.

It was a two-hour ride each way from the Orlando International Airport and our destination in central Florida. With a friend driving and me riding shotgun, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting all that much when we set out on our Chevy Spark adventure.

But this is a tiny car that feels like a much bigger vehicle. Since it was just Kim and me and our traveling gear in the Spark, it wasn’t even a tight fit. I would not have wanted to try it with kids and all of their gear–although I did do a test-sit in the back seat and found, once again, more legroom than the Durango offers. My SUV wins the battle for storage space, however. No surprise there.

Chevy Spark Has Decent Highway Visibility

The thing that I will miss most about the Durango when we get rid of it once the last kid is gone off to college is the feel of power you get on the highway. It’s not so much about being in a bigger, heavier car. It’s more about sitting up high enough to have a clear view of the road and what’s coming at me. Again, the Spark offered a surprisingly high ride which, in turn, offered much more highway visibility than I had expected. It’s not as high as the Durango, but much higher than other compacts I’ve tried. So score another point for the Spark there.

The solid ride and relatively good visibility made me feel safe, even at highway speeds. And having enough room to move around, even cross my legs, during the long-ish ride is a feature not to be underestimated.

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