Ten Reasons Why I’m Super Amped For The Chevy Spark EV To Hit California

A Girls Guide To Cars | Ten Reasons Why I'M Super Amped For The Chevy Spark Ev To Hit California - Kymriinchevysparkleadphoto

Kymriinchevysparkleadphoto10.  I am SO ready for a new car. I love my hybrid Prius to death, and have nearly driven it there and back already.  It’s become far too familiar.  Kids, dogs, surfboards, more often wet than dry, have all left their mark.  That dreamy“new car” aroma reeks more like “eau de beach dog”.  Bits of hairy surf wax cling tenaciously to the seats and carpets. And that’s just the interior.I can’t remember the last time I actually took my car in for a car wash. They used to know me there, now they wouldn’t recognize either of us. I can’t be bothered anymore. Might as well just get a shiny new Chevy Spark EV. Then I have a reason to hang out, sipping lattes, and gloat as they hand-wash and detail it. Seriously, I am ready.  And I have a feeling my neighbors are ready too.  Because where I live…..

9. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, it’s about showing them the way.  I remember being the first house on the street to own a hybrid. Then, the neighbor next door followed my lead. A social club started, and it spread. We’d smile and wave to each other and walk our dogs simply to admire the newest hybrid on the block.  What we reduced in smog emissions, we made up for in smug. Ah, those were the days. Now, every other car on the street is a Prius, so mine no longer looks or feels cutting edge. There’s a white elephant in the street, and no one talks anymore. We’re all just silently waiting and wondering… who’s gonna be the first to go all-electric? 

8.  Parking.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s spot, or even remotely tread on it. While I’m certain there are more parking spaces on the street now than in the smoggy SUV days, there’s still room for improvement. We can do better.  I’m shocked to admit it, but I won’t be the first in this respect. My neighbor two doors down has a cute little smart car now, but she parks it in her driveway. Oh the luxury! The rest of us wage a silent battle that can devolve into ugly orange cones and “NO PARKING or else” signs. It will be so much easier with a Chevy Spark EV, not just on the block, but everywhere.  Its turning radius even beats out the Mini Cooper. I can’t wait for that parking lot challenge to unfold. Has anyone else noticed that they are painting the lines closer and closer together now? It’s not just Trader Joe’s anymore.

7. I hate pumping gas.  Plus, it’s just way too expensive now. It’s hard on the wallet, and on the environment. Going all-electric is simply a no-brainer. And look how pretty and clean that outlet is on the Chevy Volt! 

Wilt Chevyvoltplugweb6. I’ve been seeing more of those newfangled electric charging stations lately, and now there’s one within a mile from my house!  You’re probably wondering why I would need one so close when a fully charged Chevy Spark EV will travel up to 82 miles on a single charge? Well, back in my earliest days of driving (we’re talking High School), I was notorious for always running out of gas within a mile from home. I’m better now that I’m married to a chronic tank-filler who panics when the gage goes below half.  While my tank-emptying habits are further improved by threats of having to empty the garbage too, the anxiety lingers.  I’ll just feel better knowing that charging station is not far if I need it. And that my husband will keep taking the trash out. 

5. Kids. I have one kid, so this part is easy. The commute to school each day is almost two miles, certainly within biking distance, so why drive? It’s those uphills that even I struggle to pedal without falling over. Plus, it’s on the other side of a major freeway.  And there always seems to be construction going on. Too dangerous. So in our neighborhood, we lessen our guilt by carpooling. Yep, for two miles, I’m not kidding. So you see, driving to school and back is no big deal with the Prius, and it will be no deal at all with the Chevy Spark EV. For carpooling and field trips, I can still take three passengers comfortably because this tiny car is surprisingly HUGE on the inside (insert obscure Dr. Who Tardis reference here).  I have no idea where they manage to hide away ten airbags, but it’s extra comforting knowing they’re there.  

4. Dogs. I have two dogs, so this part is tougher (on them mostly), but not impossible. The back seat folds down in two parts, so if I want to indulge them, they can have a full 23.4 cubic feet of space plus their own windows. They’ll be loving it. Hopefully the drool smears on the rear window will be a thing of the past.  The older, larger dog will especially appreciate being able to get in from the back passenger door. Maybe some day the car designers will make it even easier on him with a custom-built , retractable, dog-friendly ramp (hint, hint).

3. Surfboards. Wait, surfboards are not actually the reason why I can’t wait for the Chevy Spark EV to hit California.  I should say, “becoming a better surfer”.  While I haven’t yet had access to both a Chevy Spark and a surfboard at the same place and time, I have done some measuring and considerable fumbling around with those back seats. I’m hoping that it will be as easy to fit up to 3 boards (on the inside!) as I’ve mastered with my Prius. The judges are still out on this one. What’s that you say? Surf racks? Duh!  Yes, of course I have ‘em, I’ve just gotten lazy over the years and often run late, so I started bringing boards which I could just stash in the car. Thus, getting a new Chevy Spark EV could be a good reason to pull those racks out and rig them up again.  Or better yet, I could master surfing even shorter boards….

Wilt Post2. The carpool lane. I commute to LA a few times a month, and it used to be bearable, fun even.  I used to zip along in the carpool lane as a single driver in my once cutting edge, hybrid vehicle. But alas, those coveted gold carpool lane access stickers have lost their relevancy with the CHP and instead get me nowhere fast.  Chevy tells me I can live that California-freeway-carpool-lane-loving life again with shiny green stickers on a 2014 Chevy Spark EV. Throw in some federal and state tax rebates, and I’ll be cruising that left lane again in no time, baby!  

1. MyLink. “Just tap a button on your steering wheel and speak a command to make a call.” Hands-free calling, steering wheel controls, and voice activation…technology that merges convenience and safety. Love it.  Not to mention , USB connectivity and access to satellite radio, internet radio, and even that playlist I’ve spent years collecting on my smartphone. Now that’s a serious reason to be totally “amped!” 

In summary,  California is so ready for the Chevy Spark EV, maybe they just don’t know it yet. But I do. And I’ll be more than happy to show them. Bring it! 

The 2014 Chevrolet Sp
ark EV will roll into California and Oregon dealers this summer, and with government incentives, will be priced under $25,000. 

Disclosure: Chevrolet, a sponsor of the 2013 TravelingMom Spring Retreat, provided both a 2013 Chevy Spark and a 2013 Chevy Volt for me to explore and test drive. The opinions and enthusiasm are totally my own. 

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