Road Trip: Fun for Teens and Kids Great Wolf Lodge

When it comes time for a family vacation, parents want to find some magical place where everyone can have fun, bond, and make memories. Great Wolf Lodge is the perfect fit.

River Canyon Run Will Have The Whole Crew Rocking And Reeling While You Float.
River Canyon Run will have the whole crew rocking and reeling while you float. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

There’s a lot to see and experience at Great Wolf Lodge. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

When you need to get away but can’t go too far, Great Wolf Lodge is a great choice.

Spending time with the family on vacation is important, and getting everyone in one place for a week without fighting is important too. Parents who want to find a magical place where everyone can have fun, bond, and make memories don’t have to go too far or spend too much money. Great Wolf Lodge does the trick.

Our favorite thing about Great Wolf Lodge is the all-inclusive pricing: The daily events, water park, story hours, games and wifi are included in the room rate, which starts at about $300 a night. And with your reservation, you can get early access to the park on your first day and late access on the day you check out. Then, there are specials: discounts for teachers, summer camp events and more.

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At Great Wolf Lodge, There'S Plenty Of Fun To Be Had, And At Any Age.

At Great Wolf Lodge, there’s plenty of fun to be had, and at any age. Photo: Cameron Reiss

Locations Are An Easy Drive from …Nearly Everywhere

With 23 locations scattered across the US, it’s easy to enter a world made for family fun and adventure the moment you walk through those huge wooden doors. Little kids love story time, an event every night held in the lobby where children come in their PJs and hear stories. There is a MagiQuest game that kids can play all around the hotel; with a magic wand, they go on a quest with fairies, pixies, and dragons.

For tweens and teens who don’t wish to hear bedtime stories, there are lots of choices to be entertained – besides the gigantic water park, assorted locations offer bowling, mini golf, an arcade, and more.

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The Howlers Peak Rope Course Will Test Your Agility And Balance.

The Howlers Peak rope course will test your agility and balance. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

Howlers Peak Ropes Course

If your group enjoys the satisfaction of a physical challenge, set them all up for success on the Howlers Peak Ropes Course. The course offers an aerial adventure that includes rope walking, bridge skipping, and obstacle tackling, all from the safety of a climbing harness. Feeling agile now? Be sure to bring appropriate shoes for climbing.

Have A (Literal) Whirl In The Coyote Cannon - You'Ll Be Swirling 40 Feet Down Into A Water Vortex.

Have a (literal) whirl in the Coyote Cannon – you’ll be swirling 40 feet down into a water vortex. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

Coyote Cannon

Are you ready for a more intense thrill at Great Wolf Lodge? How about a 40-foot drop into a water-jet-fueled vortex? Or not. Four stories in just a few seconds is fun… maybe more fun from the sidelines for some. For those brave souls who do venture into this cannon, though, they’re in for a tummy-twirling surprise. Chances are strong that you’ll have so much fun on it the first time, you will want to try to stick the perfect splash landing by riding that raft again and again, once you roar into that crazy swirling basin.

Make Fantastic Memories With Your Family On The Howlin' Tornado.

Make fantastic memories with your family on the Howlin’ Tornado. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

Howlin’ Tornado

Ready for a super-fast thrill ride? Grab three of your most fearless family members and hit the Howlin’ Tornado. There is a six-story funnel of fun waiting for you at splashdown, but before you get to it, you’ll be negotiating across more than one rapid turn and twist on this attraction. Take turns and see how high you can ride up the walls before you shoot into the last tunnel for a remarkable end to the ride.

River Canyon Run Will Have The Whole Crew Rocking And Reeling While You Float.

River Canyon Run will have the whole crew rocking and reeling while you float. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

River Canyon Run

Now that you’ve gotten your “feet wet” with a few water thrills at Great Wolf Lodge, it is time to hold on tight for the most giggle-inducing, floating, raft-riding adventure of your life. Get your group gathered together right away, and head to the River Canyon Run. This entertaining ride will send you whizzing through the dips, bends and curves of a course of fun. If you try it once, chances are you’ll want to come back for a lot more of this novel attraction.

The Loose Moose Kitchen Offers Lots Of Dining Choices To Satisfy Everyone In Your Family.

The Loose Moose Family Kitchen offers lots of dining choices to satisfy the whole group. Photo: Great Wolf Lodge

Time to Refuel

We know that doing all these fun, adrenaline-filled activities will make the whole gang super hungry at some point in the day. It’s a good thing Great Wolf Lodge always offers plenty of food options, so even the pickiest eaters in your family will be able to choose something satisfying. For example, Loose Moose Family Kitchen is a great way to satisfy your group, any time of day. This restaurant has omelets in the morning, sandwiches, soups, and lunch foods in the afternoon, and great meals in the evening. If you don’t feel you’d like to formality of being seated in a restaurant, you can always grab a pizza at Hungry As A Wolf and keep it extra casual.

The Arcade At Great Wolf Lodge Provides After-Swim Fun, Entertainment And Prizes.

The arcade at Great Wolf Lodge is perfect for après-swim fun. Photo: Cameron Reiss

If you don’t want to eat on the Great Wolf Lodge property, that’s ok, too; most locations have options all around the hotel. You can go to any one of your favorite chains and grab something to eat. And every room has a microwave and fridge so you can bring meals and snacks back to your room, and even save the leftovers. There’s a good chance that you’ll need them for sustenance, after making memories with the fam in the water park all day long!

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