The Dodge Dart Registry: Giving Made Easier, And A Great Way For Toni's Friends To Help

A Girls Guide To Cars | The Dodge Dart Registry: Giving Made Easier, And A Great Way For Toni'S Friends To Help - Dart Registry

Dart RegistryHere’s an idea not hard to love: The Dodge Dart Registry. You–or your son, daughter, mom, dad, friend, brother, sister–can register for a new car and friends and family can help to pay for it, bolt by bolt, tire by tire. 

Of course, it’s a fabulous way for families or friends to pitch in and help a new grad enter the working world without the worry of a car loan, or a family can come together and do as a group what they might not be able to do individually.

But then there are those who can really benefit, not just from having a new car, but also from the love and support of friends through a difficult time. Toni is one of those people. 

Toni is fighting breast cancer, and was accepted into a program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. But the six hour round trip is taxing on her old car, so her friends and family have come together on the Dodge Dart Registry to fund a new car. A new car would help her make the long round trip to Boston each week for her cancer treatments, and also, as she touches and uses each part of the car, she’ll be reminded how much everyone is pulling for her. 

You can see Toni’s friends appeal for her on the Dodge Dart Registry here: 


Toni’s registry ends in April; we’ll check back to see how she did!

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