Quick View: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL Class: Lots to Love In this Gorgeous Package

A Girls Guide To Cars | Quick View: 2013 Mercedes-Benz Gl Class: Lots To Love In This Gorgeous Package - 2013 Glclass Silh

When it comes to luxury cars with muscle and brains, Mercedes-Benz is a long time leader. The brand combines relentless standards for quality and engineering with the muscle needed to traverse busy European roads or dusty sub-Saharan trails in sublime comfort. Desiree Landers Miller spent some time in the 2013 GL Class, the car maker’s popular SUV, that brings the three key elements together: Luxury, engineering and ruggedness, just want discerning families want and need in a car.

Desiree also spoke with Axel Heix, one of the GL Class developers, about all the features that Mercedes put into this car that make it ideal for families. Axel even gives some nice demonstrations of the car’s more innovative features. You can see Desiree’s story and interview here.

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