2022 Toyota Corolla Cross: The Reliable Name You Love, Now With More Space

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Crossover

When you want that reliable Toyota Corolla name but with the space that will set you apart from the rest.

That is the magic of the Toyota Corolla Cross: convenience and a size we love in the Corolla with the ability of all wheel drive, more cargo space and a higher ground clearance for better visibility and off-road chops when you need it.

This mid-size crossover is designed to slot into the market between the RAV4–which is larger and costs more– and the C-HR–which only has front wheel drive and cloth seats– offering a perfect amount of space without compromising your ability to navigate parking spaces, cruise downtown, and head out to the trail for a getaway.

Toyota’s Sam Goot gave us the inside scoop on this vehicle during a press day at the company’s headquarters in Plano, Texas. The Toyota Corolla Cross was designed for the adventurer—you know, the people who need space for a bike, who pack the trunk space with luggage, and who are still looking to stay within budget. And yes, Goot told us, your pets are going to love it.

Best of all, next year, you’ll be able to opt for an electrified version that Toyota is still keeping under wraps, which will not only improve your carbon footprint but will take the already-excellent gas mileage sky high.

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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Crossover

Going on an adventure? No problem! Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

This Is, Truly, A Vehicle That Can Do It All

  • All-wheel drive and front-wheel drive options
  • Three trims: L, LE, and XLE
  • 24.3 cubic feet or 25.5 of cargo space, depending on whether or not you go for the optional moonroof
  • 17″ or 18″ tires, depending on the trim
  • The 2.0-liter engine makes 169 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque
  • Combined 32 mpg
  • Standard Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • JBL sound system
  • Wireless phone charger
  • 7″ screen in lower trims, 8″ screen in higher
  •  60/40-split folding rear seats
  • Optional power liftgate
  • Two rear USB ports
  • Towing capacity of 1,500 pounds
  • Standard safety features: automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and departure warning, automatic high-beam headlights and road sign recognition

The goal here, too, is to build a vehicle that can last despite the rapidly developing technology market. Toyota has kept many of the details quiet, but it sounds like it’s perfectly positioned to make a smash in the market. It’s going to be a strong competitor for established crossovers like the Kia Seltos and the Mazda CX-30.

If you’re looking for hints of the Corolla sedan, you’ll find them here, but the Cross is obviously wider and larger, and it carries its own distinct appeal. Smooth curves, a sculpted front end, delicate chrome touches, and Easter eggs in the form of a cartoon-like Corolla dotting the car make for a gorgeous and exciting vehicle that looks like it sits way above its entry-level price point.

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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Crossover

There’s plenty of room for rear-seat passengers! Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

Who’s Going to Love the Toyota Corolla Cross?

  • Smaller families who frequently need to make the most of their car’s space
  • Adventurous families, couples, or single folks who travel with a few friends
  • Single women who need something functional, affordable, and attractive
  • Anyone who commutes but doesn’t want to downsize to a sedan
  • Longtime Corolla fans that are looking for a spacious, tech-friendly update

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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Crossover

Connectivity and an intuitive layout. Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

What to Know

Pricing is currently unknown, but you can expect to hear more about that as it nears release time later this year, and you can expect it to come in somewhere between $22,000 (the pricing for the C-HR) and the $27,000 (pricing for the RAV4).

The car will hit the market later in 2021, with electrified versions debuting in 2022.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Crossover

The chrome touches, like this one on the rear side of the car, are gorgeous. Photo: Elizabeth Blackstock

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