USED: 2019 Ford Transit Connect: The Minivan You Didn’t Know Existed

2019 Ford Transit Connect - Ford Minivan

This minivan stands out from the crowd.

For the last couple of years, it seems the makers of minivans have been racing one another to see who can make the coolest, most luxurious people-mover on the market. There are a few pretty impressive offerings out there, but you know what you never see people talking about? The Ford minivan. That’s right. The Ford Transit Connect is a bonafide minivan. It seats up to 7, is the same size as all the other minivans, is super practical for families. And, it looks nothing like the rest of them.

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2019 Ford Transit Connect Dash

Not overly cluttered, everything you need at your fingertips. ? Erica Mueller

So Why Haven’t You Heard of the Ford Transit Connect Minivan?

Most likely because the Transit Connect was actually designed to be a box van. That means it’s super popular as a delivery van or fleet van for couriers and small businesses. From florists to plumbers to internet providers, these little vans are everywhere! But someone, somewhere at Ford thought “Hey since we have this vehicle, we might as well offer a passenger version.” And I’m so glad they did! Cause it’s really quite refreshing.

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2019 Ford Transit Connect Second Row

You can get captains chairs or a bench for the second row. ? Erica Mueller

The Transit Connect is a Great Value

Unlike some of the more popular minivans which are decked out with every tech and comfort feature known to man and have starting prices worthy of a sports car, the Transit Connect Minivan starts at just $26,845. That’s not bad for something that can seat 7 people and gets 24-29 miles per gallon.

Every single person I told about this “deal” was super impressed and wondered why they’d never heard of it before! Some older people were interested in taking the back seat out and using the van to travel, while families were excited about an affordable option that gave them plenty of room for everyone, and their luggage.

2019 Ford Transit Connect

Still plenty of cargo space behind the 3rd row! ? Erica Mueller

What We Loved About the Ford Transit Connect

Besides the affordable price and excellent fuel economy, a few things stood out about this van.

  1. It’s different. This doesn’t look like your standard minivan. I think it will be a love or hate design for most people…
  2. It is full of storage cubbies. From the big “bins” above the dashboard and front seats, deep pockets in every door panel, to the large cargo area in the back, you’ll find plenty of space for everything from kids crafts for traveling to everything you need to take to the beach.
  3. It’s bare-bones, and that’s OK. Sometimes vehicles are so loaded down with features and options that they can become overwhelming to operate. Do we really need all of that? The Transit Connect proves we don’t with a very simplistic design and minimal technology which leaves you feeling relaxed and comfortable, vs overwhelmed and cluttered.
  4. You still get all the driver safety features you’ve come to expect in a family vehicle… blind-spot monitors, forward collision warning, cross-traffic monitoring and alerts, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams,
  5. The seating is configurable to seat 5, 6, or 7 passengers so you can really tailor this van to your needs!
  6. You can choose between swing-out rear doors or a hatch-style liftgate.
  7. You get air vents in every row, even the third row! For a long vehicle, this is a must.
  8. It comes in fun colors! There are ten color options for the Ford Transit Connect including Race Red, School Bus Yellow, two different blues, and more. My favorite is the School Bus Yellow cause it really pops!

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2019 Ford Transit Connect

Storage space above the front seats. Perfect for all those things you need to keep in the car, but don’t want floating around on the floor. ? Erica Mueller

How Would You Use the 2019 Ford Transit Connect Minivan?

We love all the uses people find for this little van. Thanks to fold-flat seats, you can have both a people-mover, and a cargo van in one. Some people take the seats completely out and transform these little vans into home-away-from-home for overnight trips. Others take out the seats on just one side to make room for things like surfboards. The uses really are limitless with this little van.

Disclosure: Ford provided the 2019 Transit Connect for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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