2017 Auto Shows Across the US Wow Consumers

The Toyota Sienna Has So Much Swagger!

Fun, Cars and Photo Ops, All Captured on Instagram. Did We Get Yours?

Looking for shoes, a purse, a new planner? Head to your computer for online shopping. Looking for a new car? Consumers prove that 2017 auto shows are still the place to research and sit in the latest models from multiple brands under one roof.

Auto shows allow the chance to really get under the hood, sit in all the seats, ask questions and check trunk space- all without the pressure of a dealership sales pitch. Across the country 2017 auto shows are in full swing and their stories are unfolding on Instagram. We look at the action at the Atlanta International Auto Show, Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show, the first Hawaiian International Auto Show, and the Greater New Orleans Auto Show. Looking for info on Austin or Dallas? We have that too!

New Atlanta Resident Mercedes-Benz Dominated the Conversation at the Atlanta International Auto Show

Luxury car displays wowed consumers and writers alike at the Atlanta International Auto Show.


Unique color schemes were on view. Sriracha anyone?


Test drive opportunities earned rave reviews.


Niche vehicles caught eyes both on and off the show floor!


Snow in the Lehigh Valley? That Didn’t Stop the Car Show!

Cars of all types could be found at the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Even ones made out of balloons!


The new 2018 Ford Expedition was showcased to consumers eager to look at family friendly SUVs.


The opportunity to look under the hood of a Corvette Stingray caught attention.


Honolulu Held the 2017 First Hawaiian International Auto Show Last Weekend–And Clearly, A Second is in Order!

Consumers flocked to the show to see how a new car would fit into their family. Would the kids give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down?


Looks like they approve! Other folks also tested out how they’d look behind the wheel in a  new car.


Even if it was behind the wheel of an unexpected car, you have to think of the ease of parking!


And there were those picking out the perfect family car for future kids. You can never start shopping too early!


Cars, Trucks and Nail Art: New Orleans Gives the Auto Show a Little Local Flavor

The New Orleans Auto Show show provided the perfect opportunity to explore configurations on a van fit for family or business.


Folks also window shopped for wish list vehicles, using the opportunity to try them on for size.


The show offered the chance to see some models up close that people hadn’t viewed in real life yet. Feedback flowed.


A unique twist at the NOLA auto show? A nail art booth! Sign us up.


Other auto shows also drew photo ops, consumers and the eyes of the internet. Have you attended an auto show this year? If not, it’s not too late! Join us at the Houston Auto Show April 5-9 (and enter to win tickets!) and the New York Auto Show April 14-23 (check back soon for more info and a ticket giveaway).

Nasreen Stump is a freelance travel writer and Director of Social at Travelingmom.com. She has rented hundreds of cars... More about Nasreen Stump