Used 2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch: A Great Nest for an Empty Nest Couple

Ford Suv
The Ford Expedition King Ranch.

The Ford Expedition perfectly suits fishing, kayaking, hiking, shopping and fancy dinners out.

Officially empty nesters, most people in our position think of downsizing at this point in their lives. But we need to upsize. Our sedan and crossover vehicles serve their purpose, but they are not big enough for our new active lifestyle. When the kids are away, parents need to play.

I recently had the pleasure of spending 10 days driving the Ford Expedition King Ranch and found it met our needs for space, comfort, safety, and features.

We love to be outside fly fishing, kayaking, hiking, and biking, but we also need room for the shopping we do while exploring new areas. We love to pack it up and hit the road, so we need room for our luggage and all that we buy along the way. The Ford Expedition King Ranch has a large enough cargo area to accommodate all of our purchases.

The majority of the time when we explore, we go from roughing it hiking to five star dinners in great cities. On our most recent adventure in the King Ranch, we started with wine and art buying in Woodinville, Washington.

Ford Expedition King Ranch

Enjoying a little wine tasting in our Ford SUV. Credit: Dana Zucker for AGirlsGuidetoCars

After we filled the truck with a few cases of wine, we headed to ship them home. The trunk holds an amazing number of cases and what we love is the ease of putting down the seat with a push of a button.

The Ford Expedition is also a great used vehicle; scroll to the bottom of our review to find out how it fares as a used car.

Space, comfort, and handling – even the fly fishing rods fit

After a couple of nights, we made a stop at the local farmer’s market and grocery store and headed north for the ferry. We were off to kayak the San Juan Islands. We explored every inch of San Juan Island in our King Ranch. We found ourselves taking shelter in the SUV a few times to warm up, get out of the wind, and even take some needed rest breaks.

Although the front seats are very comfortable, a few times we climbed in back to hang out and enjoy a snack or change our clothes. There is so much room, after kayaking we were able to jump in back and get out of our gear into fancy dinner clothes. Honestly, I think we had more space back there than in our daughter’s NYC apartment…

Our next stop was fly fishing the Yakima River. But, as any good fly fisher woman, I needed, not wanted, to stop at Orvis for some more gear.  With the back of the Expedition loaded, we loved using the power lift gate, a bonus with full hands. If you know fly fishing rods, you know they are long. This was the first car we put them in and they did not come all the way to the front seat. What a bonus.

Ford Expedition King Ranch

Plenty of room for all our gear to play. Credit: Dana Zucker for AGirlsGuidetoCars

The drive to both our Bed & Breakfast and boat launch were dirt roads. The comfort and the handling of the Expedition was amazing.  I do not like to bounce around and not once did I feel like I was. After a few days on the river, it was time to get back to the city to wrap up our time in the Pacific Northwest, so we headed to Seattle. So, with our gear all packed, we headed for a few days of good eats, shopping, and exploring the city. I was a bit nervous with the size of the King Ranch in the city, since we were used to crossovers and sedans, but it was perfect!

Luxury and utility all in one vehicle

Finding a car that can both carry our gear and supplies for our active lifestyle AND meet our need for a bit more luxurious car is not easy, but the Expedition King Ranch satisfied both.  I never thought of a Ford as being able to meet all my needs and wants, but it far exceeded both. And, more importantly, one of the first cars we agreed on as a couple.

Safety and size concerns

There is so much that I love about the Expedition, but most important is the safety!  Before we even begin looking at cars, we look at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ratings. This car scored a top rating at 5.  So, we moved on to do our test drive and spend time with this fabulous SUV.

I was raised by drivers to believe the bigger the car the safer, but the truth is, the Expedition not only felt safe and met our needs in the rating, but has many built-in safety features.

My other concern was my need for a bigger car while being short. I watch so many people launching themselves up into their SUVs, but it wasn’t an issue in this Ford.  The power-deployed running boards are a huge plus for me.

Who the vehicle is for

I would highly recommend this SUV to anyone with an active lifestyle like us. It is not too big at all. We found ourselves using every inch and know when the twins are with us, they would be very comfortable as well. I would also highly suggest this SUV for families.  The 3rd row is so easy to get in with the 2nd row bucket seats and there is a ton of cargo space with the seats up as well.

Ford Expedition King Ranch

Just my size! Credit: Dana Zucker for AGirlsGuidetoCars

What I Loved

  • Rear back up mirror. Yes, we have them in other cars, but this was so much more accurate and didn’t cause second guessing.
  • Side mirror alert lights. The side mirrors blink when a car is approaching
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This has saved me from a flat tire accident in another car and is a must for me now
  • The dual USP ports for charging with a cut out, so you can close the arm rest without kinking your cords
  • The easy to read navigation system that’s easy to program and use.
  • The side mirrors are big and fold in. The size works so well for visibility, but the fold in aspect is great in tight places like a ferry boat

    Ford Expedition King Ranch

    Lining up for the ferry. Gotta love fold in mirrors! Credit: Dana Zucker for AGirlsGuidetoCars

  • Heated AND cooled seats and yes, we used both!

What You Need To Know

  • Although it seats 7 and we would totally use that with friends and family, it is the perfect size for the adventurous empty nester lifestyle we lead
  • The comfort of the leather bucket seats is perfect for road trips
  • We found the gas mileage to be right around 20 milesper gallon on the highway.
  • Base price: $60,590; total MSRP: $64,760 and worth every penny!

How Does the 2015 Ford Expedition Fare As A Used Car?

While the Ford Expedition doesn’t rank well in reliability (it tends to have engine problems), it also doesn’t have much competition in the large SUV market. If you’re looking to buy this SUV, make sure t0 check out its repair and maintenance history.

Market Value

Depending on the trim, location, and condition of the Ford Expedition, you can expect a used version to run between $18,000 and $33,000.

Trouble Spots

There are quite a few trouble spots to note with the Expedition:

  • The climate system is prone to failing
  • The trim and moldings can come loose
  • There can be a persistent rattling in the suspension
  • Electronic components can burn out
  • The engine can need replacing

What Owners Are Saying

  • “I bought this vehicle to pull a 5,000 lb travel trailer, and it does it very well. No problems driving up steep grades, and a minimal amount of trailer sway.” – Anonymous, FL

  • “Smooth, quiet and very comfortable. Very good noise elimination.” – Tony W., TX

  • “Compared to its comparably equipped SUVs, the Expedition is a great buy. You can get a Platinum, top of the line vehicle at a great price point, comparably speaking, of course.” – Anonymous, TX

Img_6995Disclosure:  I was loaned the Expedition King Ranch by Ford.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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