2015 Chevy Suburban and OnStar: Rock Your Road Trip

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2015 Chevy SuburbanFamily Car Checklist: Safety, Comfort and Convenience

When yours is a family who likes to load up and pile into the family car for a road trip, you’ll find your checklist fulfilled with the 2015 Chevy Suburban and OnStar.

Getting behind the wheel of the 2015 Chevy Suburban during the TravelingMom test drive and retreat at Walt Walt Disney World in Orlando gave me the opportunity to experience all the features offerred by Chevy.

Everyone Agrees: Safety First

The first few seconds of the following video from a group of travelingmoms confirm the number one criteria for car. The verdict is unanimous; safety is everyone’s primary focus.

During our Chevy test driving event we experienced firsthand its new safety functions. The lane departure system where the seat vibrates on the side as you veer off the road is a highlight for this model.

2015 Chevy Suburban

Chevy Suburban’s safety, comfort and convienience are important feaetures for the perfect family road trip.

In addition to the standard air bags in front, Suburban has also introduced one in the  front seat center point. This aims to separate passenger and driver and provide additional protection in the event of a crash.

Among a host of other crash prevention safety features, the Suburban boasts of new security measures to thwart theft attempts. In case of a window break in or glass-break, the movement sensors will trigger the vehicle’s alarm system.

Even More Safety with OnStar 

Along with Chevy test drives, we also learned about OnStar, a subsidiary of General Motors that provides subscription-based communications in GM vehicles. This is a hands-free calling system that connects the car to an OnStar representative at the press of a button.

What I learned about the strength and reliability of their 4G LTE communication system at extreme weather conditions when cell phone and other GPS coverage maybe cut off was reassuring. OnStar encourages its subscribers to be good Samaritans and use their service on behalf on anyone who is need of help.

2015 Chevy Suburban

Keep families busy with the Chevy Suburban’s impressive technology

The emergency response developed by the OnStar technology makes it as simple as pressing a button to call for help. This is something that even young kids can learn as the first response in case on an emergency. It is much simpler than dialing 911 and possibly the only option to call for help if you have no access to a phone.

The OnStar staff is trained to interact with children in a calm and reassuring manner, guiding them to safety till help is reached. As a mom it is extremely comforting to know that my child will be in good hands if such an unfortunate event occurs.

Another impressive feature is that in an event of collision, OnStar will detect it through its sensors and send information about the type of damage along with the GPS location to a 24 hour emergency response centers. Even if you’re not able to call for help, OnStar response centers ensure that first responders will arrive at your side.

Comfort, Even When Fully Loaded

If you want a car that can fit luggage, activity gear and your family comfortably the 2015 Chevy Suburban is one of the most spacious SUVs available. It can fit up to seven people with two center row bucket seats and a third row that seats three.

2015 Chevy Suburban

You don’t have to carry on electronics for entertainment as the Chevy Suburban Suburban features Onboard connectivity.

The last seat can be effortless folded at the click of a button providing plenty of storage. The beautiful interior imbues luxury and makes it a very comfortable ride even when packed to capacity.

Navigation With A Personal Touch

After years of using various GPS systems, it was a refreshing change to experience navigation through OnStar. At the press of a button, we had turn by turn navigation directed by a real person at the other end instead of a programmed machine. We could ask direction related questions or get traffic information about our route.

The WiFi hotspot created by OnStar makes it simple to keep the family entertained during travel. Up to six devices can be connected online keeping the tech friendly passengers happy. There are also multiple ports for charging electronics.

You don’t have to carry any gadgets on board to be entertained on the Suburban. There are two monitors that are connected to a Blu-ray player servicing each of the back seats.

For those wanting a closer look at the Chevrolet Suburban, the following video is the perfect overview.

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