2015 Cadillac ATS4: Lightweight Luxury Coupe

2015 Cadillac Ats4 Coupe
The 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe is sleek and sassy -- and just wait until you see the interior!

Light and loaded, the 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe.

Cadillac is known for comfort and a luxurious touch on all vehicles in its line and the new 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe delivers on this longstanding tradition. As the lightest car in the compact luxury coupe segment, it is loaded with features and style that stand out.

Style and Overall Comfort

The Cadillac ATS4 Coupe certainly earns major points for style. The exterior is sleek and classy with a ton of interior enhancements. The dual toned leather seats were a favorite for everyone in my family and the enhancements extend to the trim. As with most Cadillacs, the interior design is streamlined, allowing the eye to flow along the finer details. Standard Brembo performance brakes certainly make a driver happy as well.

2015 Cadillac Ats4 Coupe

The 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe is sleek and sassy — and just wait until you see the interior!

Space is ample for a coupe and I personally loved the wide seats, especially considering we were using the ATS4 Coupe for a five day staycation in Del Mar and Coronado.  Trunk space was really good as well; we honestly didn’t think we were going to fit everything we needed for a family of four for a five day trip but we managed to get it all in.

The Cadillac ATS4 handles nicely with a smooth ride fueled by the 2.0L Turbo DI VVT engine. The fast pick up allows for easy maneuvering and as a family, it was fun to drive such a gorgeous sporty car and still get 31 mpg on the highway (21/city).

From the kids’ view

Oh my goodness – our kids LOVED the Cadillac ATS Coupe. From the moment the doors opened and they saw the red and black leather seats they were hooked. The back seats are wide and offer room for car seats and plenty of kid stuff in the middle.

Cadillac Ats4 Coupe Back Seat

Kids LOVE the 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe with plenty of room in the back side without sacrificing comfort.

Storage is minimal as one should anticipate with a coupe but it was great for our weekend trip and allowed both kids plenty of room for toys and car snacks. There were chargers in the back seat as well for electronics and car trip essentials.

Leg room is minimal, making the back seat more comfortable for children who are tall enough to have their legs bend at the right point so they are not sticking out. My son Cal was tall enough but Ava, being short, had her feet kicking the back of the seat more than most parents would appreciate. But insert a seat protector and the problem is solved.

The OnStar Bonus: The ATS comes with a 5-year OnStar plan

The Cadillac ATS4 Coupe is equipped with my favorite feature – OnStar. We have it in our Cadillac SRX and it brings me peace of mind that extends beyond any price tag, especially when driving with the most precious cargo in my life.

Cadillac Onstar Services

Starting with 2015 models, all vehicles equipped with OnStar come with a five-year basic plan which means drivers receive RemoteLink assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and dealer maintenance all included. You also receive three months of a data trial and six months of a directions and connections trial.

The 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe has eight airbags and a nice rearview camera system. I did find the viewing angle a struggle at times compared to our SRX, but the sleek tail end of the ATS4 is well worth it. If you are looking at purchasing an ATS4 Coupe, I would also recommend the Driver Assist Package which offers a ton of safety features that keep everyone safe on the road.

Navigation and technology

The Cadillac User Experience, also known as CUE, is at the heart of the technology in the ATS4 Coupe. I was very excited to see the addition of text alerts on the 2015 CUE system as well as wireless device charging. It’s refreshing to see Cadillac acknowledge the tech savvy world we live in and cater to it with safety top of mind.

Sliding Into The Leather Seats Of The 2015 Cadillac Ats4 Coupe Was Sheer Awesomeness.

Sliding into the leather seats of the 2015 Cadillac ATS4 Coupe was sheer awesomeness.

Of course, technology expands beyond devices in the ATS4 with heated seats and steering wheel, Bluetooth and SIRIUS XM Radio. We found the navigation system very easy to use and responsive in natural ways; the eight inch full color touch display is easy to see and read from all vantage points regardless of how light shines on it as well.

The Cadillac ATS4 Coupe offers sass and personality with a sleek design and sporty interior. With the amount of time many of us spend in our cars, letting your personality shine through in your car is important – and it does just that in the Cadillac ATS4 Coupe.

What We Loved

  • Smooth ride
  • Interior design
  • Low profile
  • CUE system
  • Torque provides immediate response time
  • Kids loved the wide seats in the back seat
  • Solid Cadillac build we love
  • Great gas mileage for a fun car

What You Need to Know

  • Leg room is minimal in the back row
  • Fantastic trunk space
  • Affordable price point for a sporty coupe
  • Cadillac CUE system is one of the best
  • Great for commuting
  • Fits in small spaces easily
  • Base price is around $48,000. The model we test drove, loaded with features, is just under $51,000.

Cadillac provided the 2015 ATS4 Coupe for our test drive; opinions expressed here are all our own.

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