2015 Buick Enclave: The Perfect Road Trip SUV

2015 Buick Enclave
Credit: buick.com

Not one but two SUV road trips in the Buick.

I was extremely excited to take the Buick Enclave on a road trip to Mystic, CT, but I also couldn’t wait to take it out on a day SPA trip/lunch with my friends. I knew it would be the center of our conversation and it would be the perfect accessory for this Trendy Latina!

Buick Style

Check out that moon roof. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

One of my amigas asked me to come in and check the car out, so I gave her a tour:

Next we packed for our road trip! We were pleasantly surprised with how much space the hatch area had. We not only brought several bags, but also packed a guitar, still leaving a lot of space for my son in the back. He was so happy to see the wireless Bluetooth headphones connected to the DVD player, he said, “Mom, I’m in business!” He brought his favorite DVDs to keep him occupied. He was also extremely happy to charge his phone in the back outlet, since he had forgotten to charge the night before.

2015 Buick Enclave

Loaded for bear – er, camping, the 2015 Buick Enclave. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

The car was so quiet and rode so smoothly that we could enjoy the ride and not worry about distractions. The only sounds were the PitBull and Shakira songs streaming directly via Bluetooth from my phone through the Bose Speakers and my husband looking at me shaking, bringing my Brazilian side out!

2015 Buick Enclave

The infotainment screen in the 2015 Buick Enclave. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

We arrived at the KOA Campground feeling totally refreshed from our trip in the Enclave!

Buick Cabin A

Our home for a few days, a cabin in Mystic. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

The cabin and whole experience was the perfect experience for me, a first time camper. The comfort and amenities of our campsite were the right ingredients to make our weekend unforgettable.

The Enclave also helped us navigate through Mystic. Let me tell you, this always lost Latina found the navigation system one of the best in the all the cars I have had the pleasure to drive. It took us to the Mystic Seaport and Mystic Aquarium, making sightseeing a frustration proof experience!

2016 Buick Enclave

Mystic Aquarium. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

The rain on the way back allowed us to test all the safety and stability features in bad driving conditions and gave us reassurance that we were traveling in an amazingly safe vehicle.  It was as hard to say good bye to the campground and to know that it would be our last road trip in the Enclave.

2016 Buick Enclave

The George Washington Bridge, on our way home. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

What We Loved

•       The comfort
•       The quiet engine
•       The gorgeous interior, which is a must for the fashionista
•       The amazing Bose Speakers/Sound System, Latina proof!
•       The space in the hatch area
•       The extra outlet, to ensure children’s entertainment is not going to shut down on long trips
•       There’s a master control for the back seating area fan which allows you to stop your children from playing with it (like we had to!)
•       The cooling seats, perfect for summer drives
•       The lumbar adjustment, which pushes against the small of your back and makes it more comfortable to ride
•       It automatically goes into all wheel drive when needed
•       There was enough room for my husband who is 6’2” to sit without being cramped
•       The traffic warning on the GPS helped us avoid many different traffic jams and accidents
•       Rear vision camera
•       Side blind zone alert
•       Rear Cross traffic alert
•       Forward collision alert and lane departure warning

What you need to know:

•       The price is $ 53,520, with the options and destination charges. Options included a special color – dark chocolate metallic, (so if you love it as much as I did, you need to know you will pay more for this little luxury) dual moon roof – power front and stationary rear, and the entertainment system
•       Engine size is 3.6L V6
•       Warranty Period: 6 year/70000 Mile train limited warranty and 4 year/50,000 limited bumper to bumper warranty and 2 year,/24,000 Mile, scheduled maintenance included
•       The lane changing alert – it constantly beeped every time you were close to the lane marker and it became an annoyance, but thankfully they gave us the ability to turn it off

I took the Buick on one last stroll by the Delaware River to enjoy the sunset. It was a perfect ending for my road trip experience with the Enclave.

2016 Buick Enclave

The sun set on our time with the Enclave. Credit: Claudia Krusch for AGirlsGuidetoCars

A Buick Enclave was provided by GM to AGirlsGuidetoCars for this review but all opinions are my own.

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