2013 Lincoln MKT Review: Pro-Quality Passenger Comforts; Luxury All Around

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There’s an old joke: children are delivered by their mother once vaginally and forever after by car. Funny, yes, but not really a joke.

But, it’s what we do for our kids, and often it leaves me feeling like a chauffeur: I drive my charges to and fro, try to keep the backseat clean, often stock it with drinks or snacks, control the cabin temperature, navigate as I drive, and tend to back seat entertainment needs. The only exception is I don’t get paid for my hours at the wheel (though I do accept tips in hugs and kisses from my family; everyone else has to tip in wine and cheese).

The Car The Pros Drive

A Girls Guide To Cars | 2013 Lincoln Mkt Review: Pro-Quality Passenger Comforts; Luxury All Around - Lincoln Mkt Interior

Lincoln MKT’s dash is touch sensor streamlined and knob-less

From under the brim of my chauffeur hat I’ve noticed an intriguing car on the road: The Lincoln MKT. It’s a crossover wagon, and I’ve seen it in school pickup lines, parked in driveways and in mall parking lots.

I’ve also noticed it with that familiar  “T&LC” stamp on New York license plates that denotes it’s Taxi & Limousine Commissioned: The MKT is being bought by car and limousine services to ferry executives to and from meetings, airports and fancy dinners. It’s quickly replacing the iconic Town Cars that populated the livery fleets. So I had to know: if the pros like this car, would it be good for us?

The Lincoln  Motor Company graciously loaned us a 2013 MKT for a week so we could find out (one that was appropriately dressed in Tuxedo Metallic Black).

Chargers and Coolers: It’s All About The Passenger

The Mkt'S Has Plenty Of Rear Cargo Space Even Behind The Third Row.

The MKT has plenty of rear cargo space behind the third row and even some storage under the seats

The MKT is designed for passenger comfort and convenience, and with seating for six or seven, it can accommodate more passengers than the typical four door Town Car. But it’s also filled with many luxuries and conveniences that will spoil the chauffeur, too.

Brilliant: No Gas Cap To Unscrew, Struggle With In Cold Weather Or Lose When The Tether Breaks. Just Plunge The Gas Pump In And Go!

Brilliant: no gas cap to unscrew, struggle with in cold weather or lose when the tether breaks.

The MKT comes, at $58,000, with the full host of Ford-engineered goodies, including MyLincolnTouch media system, Sync for phone, texts and voice activated features; a rear view camera, Ford’s capless gas tank (easily one of the smartest features on Fords and Lincolns these days) keyless entry (with the key in your pocket just touch the door and it unlocks, once seated, press the ignition and the car starts), remote start and blind spot monitoring.

Then, there are the rear-seat spoilers, including the cooler between the second row seats that can keep beverages cool or ice cream frozen, charger outlets and USB ports accessible to all seats, a second row center console with cup holders and a storage well and seat belts with small airbags wrapped around them for just that extra bit of protection.

Seats That Do the Work For You

A Button Panel In The Cargo Area Lets You Stow Third Row Seats Flat, Fold Them Forward Or Flip Them Into Tailgate Mode

A button panel in the cargo area lets you stow third row seats flat, fold them forward or flip them into tailgate mode

Second row seats flip forward at the push of a button, making access to the third row easy, and they pull back into place with a nylon strap. Rear seats are controlled from a panel in the cargo area behind the third row: With a push of a button, you can stow the seats flat, flip them forward leaving the cargo well open, or they flip over to become tail gate seats (beating folding chairs for a soccer game any day!). Even with all three rows up, there is plenty of room for luggage, groceries or gear in the cargo well, part of which extends underneath the seats.

One of the best parts of having backseat passengers who are comfortable is that it’s an opportunity to talk. One of the conversations we had in the MKT was about a certain tween star gone wild child. Teaching moment!

Luxuries for Front Seat Passengers (Heated and Cooled Seats, Anyone?)

And then, there’s the front seat. Oh yeah, that. The place that matters to ME. Lincoln is true to its luxury roots with intuitive controls and comforts in the front seat. The MKT draws on many of the innovations Ford has produced lately, but it takes on some of its own, too. There’s not a single knob on the front dash: buttons on the steering wheel control everything the driver can see and do, and climate and entertainment controls are sensor touch on the console’s fairly flat surface. This this took some getting used to, but it creates a streamlined, subdued look.

The only thing that nearly got me in trouble was misinterpreting the gas gauge.   While the meter showed the fuel level at nearly empty, a red area at the bottom of the gauge led me to think I still had a reserve in the tank. Luckily, the distance-to-empty calculation let me know that I needed gas; another three miles and I’d be walking to get gas–or calling for help. And while my trusty Gas Buddy app showed the nearest gas station to be far away, Lincoln’s navigation system pointed to one just blocks away. That was a nice touch, and one that kept this chauffeur right on route.

Every Drop Counts When It Comes to Fuel Economy 

Knowing How Many Miles Are Left On The Tanks Helps When You Have Read The Gas Gauge Wrong

At first glance it looks like there’s gas left in the tank, but the distance monitor kept us from making a painful error

A word about the EcoBoost engine: EcoBoost is the Ford/Lincoln engine technology that, with a smaller but more efficient engine, gives you a “boost” when you need it but operates in Eco when you don’t, thus delivering better fuel economy. The MKT’s EPA fuel rating is 18, combined city and highway. The week we had the MKT we only drove city streets and averaged 20 MPG. While I’d love to credit my fine driving skills to this better than anticipated average, I have to give the credit to the EcoBoost engine.

What We Loved

Flip forward, self storing, tail gating rear seats

Adaptive cruise control and adaptive headlamps (auto bright when you need it)

Push-button seat operation

Keyless entry and starter

Capless gas tank


Second row bucket seats

Safety package including blind spot detectors and rear view camera

MyLincolnTouch, Synch and MyKey systems (standard!)

Uses regular fuel

Heated and cooled seats

Charge ports and USB ports everywhere

4 year/50,000 mile complimentary maintenance (nice!)

6 year/70,000 mile powertrain warranty

4 year/50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty

Power double sunroof

Ample cargo space behind the third row


What You Need to Know

Fuel Economy 16 city/23 highway

No convenient place for a handbag

Large blind spots, including a narrow view from the rear window

7 passenger seating option eliminates the center console and cooler

Price of the model we tested: $58,045

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