17 Tech Features We Love in the 2019 Honda Passport SUV

Honda Passport Suv
Adventure awaits in the all-new Honda Passport SUV.

Finally, a right-sized Honda SUV with technology front and center. 

The All-New Honda Passport sits right in between the compact CR-V crossover and the full-size seven-seater 3-row Honda Pilot. And, starting $31,990 and topping out at $43,680, its price is right-sized, too.

It’s built for adventure, a bit of off-road but also, in-the-city comfort. The flat floor passenger space in the second row is spacious and easy to crawl in and out of with or without car seats, boosters or big kids.

It’s 6.2″ shorter in length than the Pilot but with added ruggedness. It’s a bit wider at the wheels and overall, has a bit more ground clearance and height.

While in the USA you will have a front wheel drive option on some trim models, all Canadian models come with All Wheel Drive.

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The Honda Passport is Loaded with Tech

Let’s get to the tech though, this is what we loved about the 2019 Honda Passport (a full review to come soon!). Here are 17 tech features we loved in the Passport:

1. Lane-Keep Assist

Lane-keeping assist helps by notifying you if you’re drifting into another lane and your signal is not activated. In the Passport, it’s subtle but reliable, it keeps you gently in the center of your lane with steering assist as well. Road departure mitigation is also included if the vehicle detects that you may have left the road and will brake if necessary.


The grille styling is on-point. Photo: Connie Peters

2. Blind Spot Notification

All it takes is one glance to the side view mirrors to see if there is someone in your blind spot as the light will illuminate on the mirror.

Personally, I still shoulder check, but this is tech at its best.


Impressive cargo space in the Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters

3. Adaptive Cruise Control

This means that it will keep you in time with all the other vehicles on the highway when using cruise control. Set it at the speed (within the legal limit) that you’re comfortable with and it will automatically slow down when approaching other vehicles ahead of you.

Honda Passport Profile

Sporty and adventure-ready in the all-new Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters

4. Collision Detection sensors

It will notify you on the dash and on the head-up display if you are approaching a vehicle too quickly if they’re at a standstill or traveling slower than you are. It will brake for you if necessary.


Spacious back seat with USB ports and flat flooring. Photo: Connie Peters

5. Advanced backup Camera

Choose from three different views when using the back-up camera in the 2019 Honda Passport.

Backup Camera - Honda Passport

Several views on the back-up camera in the Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters

6. Apple CarPlay + Android Auto

Apple CarPlay is a must-have for me for music control, voice-to-text, and maps. It’s not standard on all vehicle brands yet, so I love that Honda continues to include this on their new models.


7. Automatic High Beams (and headlights)

Headlights and high beams on automatic save you time and increase safety. The headlights will turn on when you’re driving through a tunnel and/or if it gets dark as you drive. The high beams will come on if the vehicle senses that you are not facing oncoming traffic in dark driving conditions and not within the distance of city lights.

Front Cabin Honda Passport

Roomy cabin for both driver and passenger. Photo: Connie Peters

8. The wireless device charging pad

You don’t need a special phone case, special phone or anything like that, just drop your iPhone on the wireless charging pad on the front console, and it will charge your phone while you drive.

To be honest, this is the first vehicle I have experienced this in and I’m *in love*, for real. How convenient and cool is this feature? I want it now!

A Girls Guide To Cars | 17 Tech Features We Love In The 2019 Honda Passport Suv - Wirelesscharging Hondapassport

Wireless charging is super cool (without any special phone cases!). Photo: Connie Peters

9. Rainsense windshield wipers

When raindrops begin to appear the windshield wipers begin automatically and will keep in time with the speed of the rainfall.

Centre-Console-Honda Passport

You can fit a small purse in the front console. Photo: Connie Peters

10. Trizone auto climate control

You can control the rear climate on the tri-zone climate control from the front of the vehicle, but if your kids are old enough (like mine like to) they like to set their own temperature – hot when you need AC up front, or cold when you’re heating your toes while driving. It’s a perfect convenience.

Thule On The Honda Passport

The Honda Passport ready for an adventure with a Thule Accessory

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11. Defrosting side-view mirrors

When the temperature outside drops and you’ve been parking outdoors, it can be difficult to see out of the side view mirrors, which is a major safety concern. Having the ability to defrost them, just as you would with the back window, is key to Winter driving safety.


Econ mode saves fuel in the Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters

12. Traction Control Button – Mud, Snow, Sand

At the touch of a button, you decide – mud, snow, sand. The AWD is always on, but if you’re on a beach or on a mountain you can set the traction control on demand.

Honda Passport Drive Modes

Drive modes in the Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters

13. Auto Stop engine on full brake

It will save you gas money and the environment when you use economy mode. I prefer not to, to be honest, there is a little more oomph in the drive, but then you’ll get 15L/100KM fuel mileage. (approx: 15 MPG). The Passport is estimated to get 20MPG city/25 highway in the front wheel drive model and 19/24 in the AWD model.

14. 8″ Touchscreen

A touchscreen may seem like a no brainer in 2019, but this one is especially user-friendly with all of Honda’s tech at the touch of a finger including Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Bluetooth, Navigation, Phone, Settings, and Audio.

Honda Passport

A generous 8″ touchscreen in the Honda Passport. Photo: Scotty Reiss

15. Mobile Hotspot

The Honda Passport in the Touring and Elite models has an available Hotspot, with an AT+T subscription.


Plenty of space in the passenger seats in the second row. Photo: Connie Peters

16. 120-Volt Household Outlet

There is a full power 120-volt household power outlet in the backseat, allowing you to charge your laptop on the go, or your kids to plug in their devices on a road trip.

Honda Passport Running Boards

The running boards allow easy access in/out of the Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters

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17. Walk Away Auto-lock (and unlock)

This is one Honda feature I love and haven’t found on other brands, as yet, but have loved on the Accord, Pilot and Clarity. When you walk away from the vehicle with the fob in-hand, it will automatically lock and beep to indicate that it has. As you walk back towards the vehicle [with the fob in hand], it will automatically unlock.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 17 Tech Features We Love In The 2019 Honda Passport Suv - Passport Back Bumper

Attractive rear bumper on the Honda Passport. Photo: Connie Peters


Stay tuned for a full review on the Honda Passport coming soon.

The Honda Passport was provided for one week to facilitate this post.

Great Tech Makes All The Difference. From Safety Features To Automatic Locks, Lane Keep Assist And A Great Touch Screen, The Honda Passport Has It All.


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